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Ganguro Girl - Take a trip to Tokyo

Ganguro Girl Makeup

Ganguro (ガングロ)is an alternative fashion trend among young Japanese women that started the mid-1990s, distinguished by a dark tan and contrasting make-up liberally applied by fashionistas

This was my fave look that we did in the fashion module which I just completed last week. Its kinda insane but a lot of fun to recreate! I did a less intense version but it still came out just as good!

1st get yourself some little rhinestones or stickers, you don't need to go out and get expensive ones the dollar store is a great place to get these. Also, you will need to get some lashes. 1 set for each eye or 4 lashes in total.

Now if you want to you can put contacts in to really add to this look!!

Start by using a primer, smashbox photo finish or MAC Prep + Prime are two of my faves but use what you can or if you dont have a primer use a moisturizer.

Your foundation is very dark in this look....I mean want to look like you have a super tan. Add bronzer on the forehead, temples and jaw line. I used colours like TV Brown and Almond to really get an orange tone to the face. Take the foundation and bronzer down the neck so it wont look like you are wearing a mask. Even though you kinda are!

Fill in your brows with a brown powder. Go along your natural brow line and shape. Use a brown gel liner to give a crisp line on the bottom of brow then set with powder. This helps to make the brow look clean and stand out.

Now powder the face with a translucent powder using a powder puff or brush

Using concealer mixed with white grease paint make circles around the eyes, now I blended mine more then the pic you see above but do as you feel works for you. When you use grease paint on eyelids it will crease so make sure to use a white powder to set it. You going to cover it anyways but you want a smooth surface to work on.

Add black cake liner to lids of eye. I find the liner to give you a nice line and shape. Careful though as once it is dry it is hard to get off without messing up what you have already done, but if you do Q-Tip with water can get it fixed. Bring the liner a bit past the crease of the eye and past the outer corner.

Use the same liner for the line under the eye, you want to have the line under the bottom crease so you see a space. Do not put on water line. Bring it to the outer corner of the top liner but do not connect it.

Add the lashes to the new bottom lash line and on the top as you normally would if you want to double stack the top lashes go right ahead it gives a really wicked effect!!

You can give your nose some shape by contouring it is the bronzer or darker shadow. Then highlight your nose in a white shadow, place it along the bridge of the nose.

Lips can be white, baby blue or light pink, use crease paints or any lipstick that fit these colours.

Add a shimmer highlight to the cheekbones

Then apply any stickers or jewels you got anywhere around the eyes add a many as you like!

TA DAAAA! U are now a Ganguro girl!!

Today's Tip

Q-Tips with a pointed end are best for when you make mistakes. They have nice way of finding your mistake and fixing it. If you put a bit of make up remover you can clear up whatever you have done easily.


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TinselsHair on September 29, 2016 2:54 AM
I love this trend! I recently visited family in New Jersey and this trend is huge out there! I was wondering how much you charge for your services? I would like to swing by Studio City and have some put in and just want to know how much to expect to pay. If you can email me back I would appreciate it a lot. Thank you!
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London streetwear fashion on September 29, 2016 2:57 AM
Olivia, I like this hair style and I want to try this style for my hair too. I hope it will look like dashing. By the way, thank you so much for this trending hair style.
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