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Don't wear blinders

Ok so this blog isn't really about make up but it is.....kinda sorta lol

Alright so when I was living in Vancouver and still in Makeup School I got a text from a friend to come downtown to check out the set for a scene in the T.V. show The Fringe season 3. It was being filmed on Granville street in front of the Orpheum Theater. When I arrived there was quite the crowd (as to be expected) but I managed to get a pretty good spot right in the front leaning on a pole. They were just starting to prep the set with debris and other things, busted up cars and what not. Keep in mind this was at 8:00pm when I got there, so standing around watching the lighting and sound guys, watching people beat up cars with sledge hammers, breaking windows, people running back and forth, watching my friend with the effects and fire do his job. After awhile he came over to chit chat then took me over to where he had all the effects set up, he explained to me somethings they were doing, the ash machine, the flame bars, all very cool and interesting things going on. 

We then headed into the theater to check out what was going on, lots of people lots of stuff going on around. He took me to meet the head make-up artist, though it was very brief and I didn't even catch his name ...sigh.... anyways so we walked around grabbed a tea cause it was soooo cold outside my fingers were frozen(You can tell I was conditioned to Vancouver weather). I then went back to my pole as an onlooker for abit. Extras running about, people calling "Quite on set! No flash photography!" Ash falling from the sky and frozen fingers. My friend's supervisor then popped over and said with a laugh 'Your still here?" as it was 1:00 in the morning now. We talked for sometime and he told me to come with him to stand by his flame bar (which is a tool to make it look like the car was on fire without the car being on fire) to warm up my hands, I then hear "There's a girl in the shot.....that girl by the fire truck" I look around and realize it's me haha so I ran across the set to go to a place I won't be seen. So much fun loved every min of it didn't get home till 2:30am.

Ok so you're wondering why this is in a makeup blog? Well see I want to be in T.V. and Film someday, well as of right now I do life has so many options for me and new things always pop up, but when I got the chance to be on a set to see how things work and to see what goes on I jumped on it. You never know the connections you might get and the opportunities that might come from just being on set as an onlooker. So sometimes you might get the chance to do something that has nothing to do with make-up but it might be a foot in the door for something that might help you get where you want too. I made two great connections that night. So don't be afraid to do all kinds of things. Chances are if you want to be in fashion or a MAC senior artist or whatever it is you dream to be you will have to do things that might not always do with applying make-up. None of us wake up one day and has it all. Don't wear blinders!! Open yourself to all opportunities! You just never know.

Today's Tip

NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK!!!!! Today we have the world at out finger tips USE IT! We have so many sources to get your work out there, people will want to see what you have done even if you only have a few pics don't worry about it networking will help you build your portfolio!

Here are some sites I use and love


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