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Black Metal Mania with Mayhem

FX artists Molly Alanna (left) and Olivia Morley (right)Black Metal Mania 

Blood, barbwire, stakes and pigs heads.  Have I got your attention yet?

Norwegian black metal band, Mayhem, rolled though Edmonton, Alberta performing at the Starlite Room in January 2015 as they neared the end of their North American tour with Swedish band, Watain, and the Canadians, Revenge.

I was asked by my good friend David Bond, an LA-based producer, to create the special FX needed for their stage show and I got the chance to really get my hands dirty while helping the members of Mayhem create just the right look to be part of their tour video for their recent trip across the continent. 

Molly Alanna - Blood Sisters Special FX Makeup I called on Molly Alanna, another Edmonton-based FX artist, whose work I had admired for some time.  She was more then willing to join in on the bloody, messy night.

There were a few hiccups, which had us running around the city looking for barbwire, but it all worked out in the end.  Molly and I had never worked together before and I felt a little like a fish out of water at a black metal, but soon realized we shared a love for blood, guts and gore (oh, my).  
Mayhem Lead Singer, Attila Csihar
In the end, I truly enjoyed the show and it was this night (and a mutual love of all things icky) that brought Molly and I together as Blood Sisters Special Makeup FX.  It was an instant friendship that has already lead to other opportunities. 

Besides working alongside some of my greatest friends in this industry, the highlight of the evening was sitting with Molly and Mayhem lead singer, Attila Csihar, as in the bathroom for an hour as he did his makeup.  As it turns out, most metal band members prefer to do their own makeup as part of the pre-show ritual.  It helps them to become who they are on stage.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out how humble and down to earth Attlia was. He even showed Molly and I a few ticks.  I'm always happy to learn something new. As we sat there and chatted to this talented performer, I kept thinking about how many people would die to be in our position and how lucky we were to be able to join in on this experience. 

Blood Sisters Special Makeup FX - Molly Alanna and Olivia Morley

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assignment service uk on February 25, 2018 12:58 AM
After saw these photo we understand that both these girls are in the art gallery. And they enjoy a lot in that place may be this is the time when they think about the outing that time they forget each and everything and enjoy more in that place or that time.
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iddramatv on March 25, 2019 11:46 PM
Thanks for make my holidays better and best holidays ever. I would like to apprecaiate your work. Good work you have done. I hope your next post arrive soon. I very excited to see more of you.
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