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Memory Monday: MAC Pro Class

MAC Pro Class with Victor Cembellin

You've heard of Throwback Thursday, well this is Memory Monday and I'm going back to before I went makeup school and before I became a Sephora girl.

In 2010, I moved to Vancouver to go to theBlanche Macdonald Centre, but before my courses began I took a M.A.C Pro class withVictor Cembellin.

Not only is Victor Cembellin hilarious, he is also very talented. He talked a lot about trends that were going on at the time.

Taking a Creative Break: Makeup for Fun

Model: Dominique Huyghe; MUA: Olivia Marie
Photo: Renee Robyn Photography; Model: Dominique Huyghe; MUA: Olivia Marie

Taking a Creative Break: Makeup for Fun
September 2015

Sometimes I forget to do makeups for myself ... and I don't mean on myself.  I mean doing shoots and makeup concepts that truly let my creative juices flow.  I got the chance to do a few last month and they made me remember I need to do more shoots like these to keep my passion alive.

The first creative I worked on last month was with the beautifulDominique Huygheand the extremely talented

Zoë Holman: Photoshoot Blitz Alberta

Photographer: Uryelle Dimailig, MUA: Olivia Marie, Model: Zoe Holman
Photoshoot Blitz Alberta  

Calgary, Edmonton, Drumheller
August 2016


My work in Montana with Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency (RMEA) has connected me with many brilliant and talented people. ZoëHolman, RMEA model and freshman atMontana Tech, is one such person.  

After meeting her for dinner inButte, MTto discuss details of her visit, I couldn't wait to get started.

I called up a bunch of people in my network and set up eight photoshoots for Zo