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Q&A with Debra Kelly - Makeup Artist

Debra Kelly: The Artist Behind the Makeup

Makeup artist (MUA)Debra Kellymay have started out as a nurse, but this Aussie has moved on from the operating theatre to the stage at an amateur dramatics society in Brunei, the runway withBehind the Curtainin Calgary and the pages ofElléments FashionMagazine. 


While you won’t find Debra in front of the lens (she’s a wee bit camera shy), it is her creative work that is often front and centre.

Q&A with Jackie Duncan - Photographer

Jackie Duncan - Photographer
From hockey player to photographer, Montreal to Calgary (with a stint in Europe)Jackie Duncan is carving out a name for herself in the world of fashion photography. 

She has worked with musicianDistanceBullock, Troy Anthony Designs and has been published inLavonne Magazine. Now she has plans to take on the world.  Currently she is planning the Runway for the Curefashion show being held at Ferrari Maserati of AlbertaandRolls-Royce Mortorcars Alberta