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Product Reviews

Product of the Month - Smashbox Primer Oil

Product Showcase

Finish Primer Oil - $49.00

This product showcase comes direct from the Sephora website.  It and others can be found

What it is:

"A primer with the luxury of a face oil, infused with a blend of 15 essential and lipid-rich plant oils to moisturize the face for seamless foundation application and a dewy, youthful finish."

What it does:

"This revolutionary primer preps your skin for makeup in two different ways: it sits on top of the complexion to smooth its texture, while it absorbs directly into the skin to hydrate and boost moisturization.

Product of the Month - Tarte Cosmtics

Product Showcase
Tarte Cosmetics

Rainforest of the Sea™ Wipeout Colour
Correcting Palette -$54.00

This product showcase comes direct from the Sephora website.  It and others can be found

What it is:
"An all-in-one palette to correct discolorations, contour, and brighten up skin."

What it does:
"Balance, correct, and perfect your complexion as you wipe out skin discolorations with these powerful cream complexion correctors.

Time For Your Close-Up - High-def Makeup

Image: Danica Stonehouse, MUA: Olivia Morley, Model: Katelyn MalaykoTime for Your Close Up -
High-def Makeup

High definition or not high definition?  Some say there is no such thing as high-def makeup, while others say it's the best makeup out there.  I wanted to find out who carried HD Makeup and what is was all about.

What is HD makeup?

High-def cameras expose any crease, wrinkle or blemish; however, thick, unnatural pancake makeup is also obvious through an HD lens.

"To avoid the cakey texture of standard TV makeup, high-definition brands are more sheer, while still hiding uneven skin texture and other un-telegenic flaws", said makeup artist Joanna Schlipp.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas - Holiday Season 2015

Overload Their Desire for Makeup this Christmas 
Christmas 2015

Christmas morning is only four sleeps away.  Are you still looking for that little something extra to put under the tree or bring to the dreaded work party?  I am here to help and to celebrate a new job at Sephora, everything on my list can found at your local store or online at

I'm super excited about this one so here are a few of my favorite things (or so the song goes).

OMD4 Holiday Gift Ideas 2014

Attention Beauty Fanatics!
Making Facespresents its 1st ever OMD4 Holiday Gift Ideas.  From your office co-workers to your #1  girl, these items are the ones to put under your tree this year. Whether you are pinching pennies or looking to splurge there is something here for every budget.

Overload her desire this Christmas. 

Cheap & Cheerful: Gifts Under $20
Looking for that perfect secret Santa gift for your work party? Are you a student on a budget?