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Royals Management Photoshoot

Royals Management Photoshoot
Calgary, AB

When I get asked by fellow makeup artist Molly Alanna to help with a project, I rarely turn it down and the Royals Management photoshoot was no exception.

Hair, makeup, models, agency, videographer you name it, we were all involved and I'm glad I had the chance to work with such an amazing group of talent.  Royals may be a new agency, but it has already drawn some big names in the industry for in-house workshops including 

On Set For: Krystyn Decker's film High Hopes

Alexey Kosorukov (Director of Photgraphy) and Arthur Mah (1st Camera Assistant)
On Set For:
 High Hopes
Written & Directedby:
Krystyn Decker

Alberta-bornKrystyn Deckermay be from Beaumont, a town on the southeast edge of Edmonton, but she wasn't going to stay in the small town long. She packed up her bags and headed to film school in the big city; New York City that is. Her thesis project, a short film calledHigh Hopes which she wrote and directed, is set to screen at theNew York Film Academyon Friday, January 30th, 2015.

I was lucky enough to be on set and have the chance to work with a fantastic crew while doing makeup for this hilarious film.

Don't wear blinders

Ok so this blog isn't really about make up but it is.....kinda sorta lol

Alright so when I was living in Vancouver and still in Makeup School I got a text from a friend to come downtown to check out the set for a scene in the T.V. show The Fringe season 3. It was being filmed on Granville street in front of the Orpheum Theater. When I arrived there was quite the crowd (as to be expected) but I managed to get a pretty good spot right in the front leaning on a pole.